Jerry D. Russell

My name is Jerry Russell, and I’m a blogger. Since 2007 I’ve been writing about food and recipes at

Oh, and I get paid for it. Crazy, isn’t it?

Of course, it didn’t start out that way. It took years for my hobby to become something that actually paid all the bills associated with running the blog, and even longer before that hobby became a business.

It’s been a heck of a road; sometimes hectic, at other times harrowing, but in the end, it’s the most challenging and rewarding thing that I’ve ever done.

But this blog isn’t about me or what I’ve done.

Not by a long shot.

This blog is about you and helping you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself and your blogging career.

So why didn’t I choose some cool name for my blog? Because my name and my reputation are the most important assets I have to give you. Every word written here has to help, inspire and motivate you… At least it needs to make you laugh, or I’m just another hack trying to sell you a get rich quick scheme or a way to become some kind of overnight Internet success story.

But let’s be honest with each other, those things rarely, if ever, happen. Blogging and becoming a success at it requires hard work and dedication just like any other job. To get where you want to be takes drive, determination, motivation and passion.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you have what it takes to make something of your dreams. Otherwise you would be off doing that 9 to 5 that other folks feel is “normal.” (I’m not sure about that “normal” thing.  Have you ever worked in retail? How about in food service? “Normal” is a relative term at best.)

This gig takes work. There are new skills to learn, especially if you’re just starting out. Some people might think you’re a bit nuts. I know some people think I’m a bit off my nut at times. It doesn’t mean I haven’t poured my heart and soul into this thing called the Internet. Or that it hasn’t paid off.

You can do this, and I’m going to do my level best to help.


  • Because I’m sure that you have it in you to be more than you are today.
  • Because there have been others out there who have helped me when I was at the end of my rope, now it’s my turn to help others.
  • Because you can never truly succeed in anything unless you’re willing to give back to the community, to make it a better place for everyone.
  • Because you deserve to have as many people in your corner as you can get.

So how can I help you?

If you have a specific question, ask me. If you’d rather, find me on twitter and ask there. It might take a bit, but I’ll do my best to answer you personally. Also, be sure to sign up for the mailing list so that you don’t miss an installment that could help you become the best blogger you can be, and check back often for updates and improvements.

To your continued success,

Jerry D. Russell

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