Got a Mobile App? Gameberry Can Get It Noticed

Snap 2014-04-16 at 21.46.18So you’ve developed a killer mobile app and you’re ready to launch.  But with over one million apps in both the Apple App Store and  at Google Play, the question becomes: “How do we get this app noticed?”

The answer is simple, you’re going to need some really good marketing.

You can either try to get your own grass-roots marketing campaign off the ground or choose to go with a professional marketing company. While I know that a few of you out there are geniuses at marketing, for most developers the second choice is the better of the two, so now the question becomes: “Who will we have market our App, and how do we know that we’re going to get our money’s worth?”

The solution is equally simple. If you’re marketing an app and you want a team that understands app marketing, choose Gameberry.

Gameberry is a South Korean based marketing firm that specializes in app marketing in the world’s largest mobile markets, the US, Korea and Japan. They have a track record that is nearly unbelievable (I’ll get to that in a second), and their credo is something that any app developer would be happy to hear:

Making sure that everything operates well. Working together to truly manage our projects.
These are Game Berry’s mottos and standards for our partner and clients.

 Remember that phenomenal track record I mentioned? Gameberry is a three year-old startup that was nominated for Best Mobile Campaign 2014 at Game Connection in San Francisco. It takes some serious talent for a company that’s still in its infancy to be held in the same light as firms like The Game Agency and Enter the Studio.

Why all the hype? Because of the over 60 apps Gameberry has marketed, more than 20 of them have hit number one in their respective app markets. That’s 33.3% of all apps marketed. While I’m not sure that someone else hasn’t gotten similar results, I know that the average here is very much above the industry standard, and it speaks to the fact that Gameberry understands the app market and the users who will ultimately download and/or buy the apps that you create.

If those stats aren’t enough for you, lets throw a few numbers around. Gameberry has generated well over 5 million downloads for just one app, Mini Motor Racing for Kakao. While that’s a very impressive number for a 99 cent app, they also hit #1 Korea, #4 in Japan and #59 in the apple App store for Polaris Office, an app that debuted at $19,95! (As of this writing, it’s a steal at just $12.99) When was he last time you paid $20.00 for an app?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

In conclusion. If you’re going to market an app, don’t just go with any marketing agency. go with one that specializes in apps, knows the market and can adjust their strategies to get results. If you’re using this criteria, Gameberry is most definitely a firm that you should be keeping an eye on. Their track record speaks for itself and they’re sure to find the best way to get your app noticed.

Of course supporting that app is still up to you.

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